Jon Renau Human Hair Care Steps

If you find yourself looking at how to revitalise the look of your human hair wig then you need to consider the Jon Renau range of luxury shampoos and conditioners.  We would recommend washing every 6-8 wears so that you remove all oils & build-up that can break down the cap & hair. Jon Renau has specially formulated & tested these products which will help the vitality and moisture levels of the human hair shaft.

Cleanse & Condition

Step 1 – Cleanse
The Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo is a gentle sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride-free shampoo, that will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft whilst keeping the colour restored and the hair shiny. Firstly, remove any tangles using a paddle brush or tangle teezer before washing. Apply a small amount of shampoo and gently lather into the hair. Do NOT rub as this may cause the hair to tangle. Then, rinse through with cool water until the shampoo is completely washed out. It is also infused with French Argan Oil which helps create moisture for the hair, eliminating those dry and brittle fibres.

Jon Renau Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo

Step 2 – Nourish
The Argan Smooth Luxury Conditioner is the next step that will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft and hydrated whilst keeping the colour restored and the hair shiny. It is also sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride-free. After using the shampoo, apply a 1-2 ‘walnut’ sized quantities of the Conditioner into the hair. AVOID the base of your wig or hairpiece as the conditioner may weaken the knots. Work the Conditioner through the mid-lengths for 3-5 minutes. Simply rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Step 3 – Treatment
The Argan Smooth Treatment Mist for Human Hair from the Jon Renau collection is a specifically formulated oil mist. It will leave your hair incredibly smooth whilst adding shine and elasticity. Simply spray sparingly and evenly from about 20-30 cm. Washing and wearing your wig every day can make it dull, so using the Argan Smooth Treatment Mist will rejuvenate and bring your wig back to life.

Jon Renau Argan Smooth Treatment Mist

Prep & Style

The Blown Away Blow Dry Balm for Human Hair from the Jon Renau collection is a UV protecting balm that nourishes your hair whilst controlling flyaway hairs and shielding your human hair wig or hairpiece from the sun. Simply take a ’10p’ sized amount and run through your hair. Be confident to use your own judgement. Use more or less as you require. This is perfect to use for blow-drying your hair or protecting it from the suns UV rays.

The Boho Beach Mist for Human Hair from the Jon Renau collection is a lightweight mist that gives you beautiful, beach waves without the hair becoming sticky or stiff. This is the holy grail product for creating refreshing curls and waves for your hair. Simply spray 3-4 times and evenly from about 20cm away and lightly scrunch the hair. This lightweight formula will instantly create texture whilst leaving your hair incredibly soft with a clean, fresh scent. Best results if used on damp hair.

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