Each colour is available in your favourite styles shown below.

Ignite, Elizabeth, Eve, Drew, Haute, January, Zara, Sarah, Julianne, Cameron, Miranda, Victoria, Alessandra, Mila Emilia, Amber, Marisk Pet, Annette, Kristen, Heidi, Rachel, Meg, Camilla, EasiPart HD 8”, EasiPart HD 12”, EasiPart HD 18”, EasiPart XL HD 8”, EasiPart XL HD 12”, EasiPart XL HD 18”, Top Notch, Top Wave 12”, Top Wave 18”, Top Secret 12”, Top Secret 18”

Malibu: 12FS12 – Lt Gold Brown, Lt Natural Gold Blonde & Pale Natural Gold-Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Lt Gold Brown

Venice: 22F16S8 – Lt Ash Blonde & Lt Natural Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Med Brown

Palm Springs: FS17/101S18 – Lt Ash Blonde w/ Pure White Natural Bold Highlights, Shaded w/ Dk Natural Ash Blonde

Laguna: FS24/102S12 – Lt Natural Gold Blonde w/ Pale Natural Gold Blonde Bold Highlights, Shaded w/ Light Gold Brown

Wigs in the California Blonde Collection


From the Golden tones of Malibu to the edgy, sun-bleached Venice and the desert cool of Palm Springs, finishing with the dazzling Laguna,  the California Blonde collection will leave you feeling sun-kissed, beachy, and glamorous all day long.